Online Subtitles Translator & Editor

Future Projects

There is a possibility to include converter in the near future so along with the subtitles translate, you can instantly convert those subtitles to other formats. We will present to you two other projects that we are working on:

1. GPS live tracking: This project will allow users to monitor: people, mobile phones, cars, planes, helicopters, animals. We will make a simple Control Panel for you where you will be able to monitor the activities of your GPS customers through our server. We live in dangerous times, so we need to have the ability to track our children, family, cars, home pets, etc. for security reasons.

2. Share and Share: The other project will be an easy way to share files, images, etc .. We will also create a simple control panel where we will make user accounts whether it's for groups or individuals, so they have the ability to share files wherever they are in the world. (Also, the mobile application will be available). We will talk more about this project soon.

3. VPN (virtual private network): We are also planning a VPN (virtual private network) project, which will also be free of charge for the users of our services, but VPN will differentiate us from others because we will provide quality services to our clients, our VPN speed will be much faster so for example for Downloading a movie over the internet that is 3GB size will only take 5-10 minutes to download.

Again, if you have a business proposal for us, feel free to contact us and if the idea is realistic, we can implement it together.